FIT Classes
We are the original creators of FIT classes designed by personal trainers and fitness gurus in the Fitness industry.  Get the real deal and get your SWEAT ON!

Beginner - Build the Foundation...Where Beginners get STARTED with pole at PoleFIT Revolution
60min. No one left behind! This is a pole tutorial class.  Learn BASIC pole dance transitions and basic spins.  Great for beginners and those that want a slow steady pace to progress through their learning curve. If you are nervous about learning pole this class will put your mind at ease and help you build confidence and strength in the skill of pole.  Suitable for all ages (18+) and all sizes. We allow 1 - 2 PEOPLE PER POLE in this introductory workshop style class
to help encourage and motivate through the learning process.  No Experience Necessary. Wear workout clothes and bare feet.

PoleFIT (PoleFIT & Barre includes Barre Warm-Up & Core Conditioning)
Multi-level - Pole Conditioning
60min. Join us for a fitness based pole dance workout that will improve muscular endurance, coordination, core strength and flexibility incorporating pole dancing moves with strength training drills (tricks from the floor such as spins and power moves) according to each individuals level. We add a fun fitness twist that will help you melt the fat away! ONE PERSON PER POLE...NO SHARING to keep the calories burning!  NOTE: All TRICKS are at a beginner level and taught form the floor in this class, only basic and grounded spins suitable for everyone to build strength and technique. No Experience Necessary. Wear workout clothes and bare feet.
T.M.I.FIT & Chair (18yrs. +)
Multi-level - Learn to get sexy in heels
60min. Transitions & Movement Integration (T.M.I.) teaches you the art of sensual dance that focuses on transitions, floor work, sensual movement and flow all with the use of your sexy heels (High Heels are OPTIONAL but encouraged). This is a great way to build stability and flow of movement to create well rounded routines. Chair routine has also been added to this already amazing dance class!  ONE PERSON PER POLE.  No Experience Necessary - Only Choreography and Beginner Pole Tricks will be taught in this dance class that will turn up the HEAT! Wear workout clothes and bare feet or High Heels.

(Suitable for ages 18 and up - Combined with TMI FIT)
Multi-level - Conditioning with a some hot choreography
45min. This class teaches you the art of the Lap Dance with a fitness twist. We also include the art of sensual dance and how to work the pole, floor or wall and move your body with grace and passion...all about transitions and the art of dance...NO Pole Tricks. Improve muscle tone, great abs and flexibility! Great class for those working to perfect their dance skills or those not ready to lift onto a pole yet. NO Pre-requisite Required.  Wear workout clothes and bare feet.

Multi-level - Learn a fully choreographed routine
Take a journey into the history of Raks Sharqi (professional form of belly dance) and Raks Beledi (folkloric form) while learning fun and intriguing ways to stretch and strengthen the body. This class with enable students to execute the beautiful isolations of belly dance into combinations and choreography leading to overall fitness and well being of mind, body and soul. Movers of all experience levels are welcome, just be ready to sweat, smile, and have fun! The beauty of this dance form is the ability to get an overall body work-out without ever realizing it!  For example, core movements allow the body to do the equivalent of 200 plus sit-ups in a single class, with out ever doing an “actual,” sit-up! This class will also aid in muscle awareness, coordination, ease of movement transitions, and enhance overall grace of body and mind.

Please wear comfortable work out clothing such as tank tops, leggings, capris, yoga pants, etc. Hip scarves will be available to purchase, or you can bring your own (please make sure coins are secure or bring a fringe skirt).

Multi-level - Stretch & Massage those muscles
Get your mind out of the gutter...S&M stands for Stretch & Massage (Miofascial Release). This class is a combination of Yoga and foam roller massage.  The miofascial release approach is a form of soft tissue therapy used to treat somatic dysfunction and resulting pain and restriction of motion. This soft tissue can become restricted due to overuse, trauma or inactivity, often resulting in pain, muscle tension, and corresponding diminished blood flow. In this class we will work on flexibility, joint stability and miofascial release which is accomplished by relaxing contracted muscles, increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage, and stimulating the stretch reflex of muscles and overlying fascia through a variety of methods. This is not your ordinary stretch's intense but you'll feel amazing!


V-BarreFIT (combined with PoleFIT & PoleFLY ClassesCoreFit
Multi-level - Fusion of Ballet & Pilates
Come enjoy an energized class that infuses Ballet, Pilates, & Yoga in an ever so popular Barre Class on our Vertical "Ballet" Bar!  You will work your entire body improving posture, muscle stabilization, lower body, upper body and core in a way that promotes long a lean muscles using your own body weight and light resistance.  Attire: Wear Yoga/Stretch Pants, and Tshirt/Tank with barefeet or yoga/pilates socks.  Note: This class is replacing and combining former classes known as POLEatesFIT & BalletFIT.


Multi-level - Condition, Power,'s fun to hit something!
60min. Get ready from a super charged calorie burn while you kick and punch your way to a better body through Cardio kickboxing, Circuit and Interval training using heavy bags, and plyometrics. Wear workout clothes and tennis shoes (Boxing Wraps recommended).  Wear Tennis Shoes.

FIT & FLEXY (Combined with PoleFLY Classes)
Get the flexibility you desire for Pole & Aerial!
It's time to FINALLY learn what it takes to get those splits and beautiful back bends!? We will show you fun and easy ways to stretch and lengthen all of the major muscle groups in your body and free up all your joints using Active Stretching. Come learn secrets to staying limber, toned and relaxed.
Some partner stretching will be utilized...No experience needed!  Wear comfortable workout clothes you can stretch in and barefeet or yoga socks.

NinjaFIT (Combined with FLY called FIT & FLY Pole or Aerial)
Condition your body from top to bottom - Total Body Workout...Prepare to FLY!
You don't want to just be want to be NinjaFIT!  This class will take you through our WOW (Workout Of the Week) which will include sport specific drills on chinese poles, hammocks, Aerial Equipment, Stall Barre, Monkey Bars, and TRX combined with traditional fitness circuits and acro conditioning to make you NinjaFIT and ready to take on any obstacle.   Please check schedule for weekly FREE Orientations to introduce you to the equipment and the WOW so you are ready to go during NinjaFIT class times.  Workouts will be suitable for all fitness levels with our bronze, silver & gold level of challenge and a qualified trainer motivating and assisting you every step of the way.  No previous experience required but we recommend first attending an orientation.  Regular Workout Attire and barefeet (If you must wear tennis shoes you will need to remove them on aerial worn outside are not allowed.)

T&A FIT (Combined with FLY Classes)
Trampoline & Aerial Conditioning - Total Body Workout...Shed the Fat!
Multi-level. Be prepared to work your "T & A" off in this action packed class which actually stands for Trampoline & Aerial Conditioning.  This class is full of high energy trampoline circuits to get your heart pumping and burn calories with little to no impact...AMAZING (Our trampolines (300lb limit) have a handle so you can feel stable and comfortable while getting use to your jumps and building strength).  Also get engaged in some strength exercises that will make your A** look amazing and improve upper body strength like you never imagined.  This class will prepare you for AerialYOGA and AerialFLY (CIRQUE) classes or be an essential addition to your schedule to get that toned sleek body you desire!  Wear regular workout clothes and barefeet or socks.

Open Pole
OPEN Gym/Pole - Available to students that have taken a minimum of 10 Pole Classes with us.  Once completed you are welcome to atte
nd OPEN Pole.   We offer Drop-Ins at $20 each along with 1-month Memberships for $79/month and only $59 per month if you join AutoPay.  You know the saying "Practice Makes Perfect"... This OPEN pole/aerial time allows you to apply what you have learned and work on your own routines. There will be staff in the building but there will be NO instruction and you are working out at your own risk.  We REQUIRE you DO NOT attempt tricks you have not yet been instructed and spotted by a qualified instructor until proficient.  You may use your NEW Classes to exchange for OPEN POLE.  2 Open Gym/Pole per month included in Performance Team OWN IT Monthly Membership.

Pole Parties
Book a Party at our Studio or at your Place.
You can book your Bachelorette or "Girls Night Out" Party at our Studio with 9-11 poles or we can come to your place. Party instruction varies according to the time length of your party and we do our best to work with your budget. Our large studio equipped with a kitchen and lounging area appeals to parties of any size from 4 - 40 guests!  You can set up food and beverages at our studio as you please.  See WHAT WE OFFER>PARTIES for details.

FLY Classes - POLE SPORT  (Women & Men Welcome!)

PoleFLY (Formerly PoleTRICKS I) w/ added conditioning (see schedule
Experienced Beginner - Intermediate FLY
75min. Learn tricks, transitions, & skills that will challenge your entire body.  Get technical breakdowns, demos, spotting assistance and feedback of pole spins, climbs & beginning inverts beyond the basics taught in our FIT classes.  This class focuses on singular tricks and some beginner 2 move combos.  Develop the skills that are sure to heat up the room. ONE PERSON PER POLE…We will progress each individual based on their abilities. We ask that you have done at least basic spins (Attend PoleFIT INTRO/PoleFIT) before starting PoleFLY.  Private Group Classes can be at any level and scheduled with a minimum of 4 people...Call for details.

PoleFLY (Int./Adv.)
(Formerly PoleTRICKS II) w/ added conditioning (see schedule)

Intermediate -  Advanced FLY
75min. Learn tricks, transitions, & skills that will challenge your entire body.  Get technical breakdowns, demos, spotting assistance and feedback of intermediate pole spins, climbs, inverts including multiple combinations of tricks beyond the tricks taught in PoleFLY (Beg/Int).  Develop the skills to build routines that are sure make jaws drop! ONE PERSON PER POLE…We will progress each individual based on their abilities. We ask that you are comfortable with Spins, Climbing the pole and basic inverts (Attend PoleFLY (Beg/Int) & PoleFIT Classes to prepare you) before attending PoleFLY (Int/adv).  Private Group Classes can be at any level and scheduled with a minimum of 4 people...Call for details.

PoleFLY SPIN or PoleFLY DRILLS (Formerly PoleTRICKS DRILLS/SPINS) w/ added conditioning (see schedule)
All levels FLY
75min. Learn tricks, transitions, Drills & skills that will challenge your entire body.  Get technical breakdowns, demos, spotting assistance and feedback of pole spins, climbs, inverts and combos all on the SPINNING POLE.  ONE PERSON PER POLE.  We will progress each individual based on their abilities.

Prerequisite:  Feel comfortable with basic spins and climbing the pole. 

FLY Classes - Mind & Body  

Multi_Level FLY
60min. Defy Gravity and get some air in your yoga poses. Aerial Yoga will condition your entire body and allow you to build greater strength and flexibility unlike any other mind/body class. You will learn
stretches, flying and core poses using the silk hammocks. ONE PERSON PER HAMMOCK…We will progress each individual based on their abilities.


AerialFLY (Formerly AerialCIRQUE) w/ added conditioning (see schedule)
High Beginner - Intermediate
75min. Introduction to basic fundamental aerial arts using aerial silks and Lyra!  Improve your upper body, core and flexibility while having a great time and learning basic cirque skills.  Must be able to lift feet off the ground when handing on a bar or pole.


Ages 4-8 and ages 6-13
Introduction to basic fundamental aerial arts using aerial silks and Lyra customized just for the little ones!  The AerialKIDS class will teach your child fun circus tricks from the ground up...basic gymnastics, use of various circus equipment such as hammocks, silk ribbons, lyra and more.  As they build their skills we will start dividing age groups and putting together recital worthy routines.  Open to ages 4 -13yrs. 

FLY Classes - Premium  

Advanced - Super Advanced
60min. Once you have mastered many beginner to high intermediate spins, climbs, inverts and combo tricks and are ready to attempt Suspension Inverts (Upside-down tricks on the pole with BOTH feet/legs OFF the pole) and advanced Combos then  PoleFLY PRO is for you.  The PRO class welcomes both Men & Women.  If we do not have a PRO Class listed on the schedule we will open a class for 2 or more participants, otherwise you will need to schedule a private lesson. ONE PERSON PER POLE.  A PFR instructor  & Owner must approve you for this class.  Special pricing applies (Included in our FIT & FLY Membership)... $40 Drop-In or 4 lessons in 6 months = $140.  Call for private lesson pricing.