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Can I come to you for Lessons/Parties...Where are you located?
Yes. We offer group classes, private lessons & parties at TWO studio locations:
~ 1037 W. 12mile Rd. , Madison Hts., MI 48071

~ 7765 Auburn Rd., Utica, MI 48317

Do you offer home parties for Pole Dancing and/or Airbrush Tanning?
Yes. We currently offer home parties in Michigan for Pole, Lap Dance, & Salsa/ Dance Parties. Our home parties start at 90min for $360 (CLICK HERE FOR PRICES). Travel & Set up fee may apply if your party is more then 20miles from the studio.  CONTACT us for availability, questions, and/or to book your home party.  We also host these parties at the studio where we have 11 poles and an amazing party room.

How do I reserve my party?
Call us at 248-246-2222 to make sure your date and time is available. Once you’ve confirmed availability a $100 deposit is required to secure your date. We can email you an invoice for the deposit or set an appointment to meet at the studio to collect the deposit.

Do you offer Airbrush Tanning?
YES.  Currently we offer Airbrush Tanning by appointment only.  You will get the most perfect tan every time as we use Fantasy Tan products and system. 


Where should I start if I want to Pole Dance?
If you have never tried pole dancing we suggest you start with our PoleFIT Essentials class which will give you the ABC's of Basic Pole spins and power moves and choreography.  This will help you get comfortable using the pole for dance and fitness and build your strengthin a safe manner.  If you like things to move a little more quickly you can take PoleFIT classes as well which are a 45min group fitness workout using beginner tricks, dance transitions, and athletic exercises which moves at a faster pace to get an overall cardio & strength training workout. 

What is your progression of Pole Classes?
In order from Intro to advance our progression of Pole classes is PoleFIT Essentials, PoleFIT, PoleTRICKS NOVICE, PoleTRICKS and PoleTRICKS PRO.  Attend PoleTRICKS PRO or private lessons to learn suspension inverts and advanced combos.) 

What can I expect in PoleTRICKS NOVICE & PoleTRICKS?
PoleTRICKS classes are 60min. and allow you to start working up the pole. We only allow 1 student per pole to keep the workout moving, aid in your metabolic training, and help you not feel self conscious that others are watching because each student is working on their own pole.  PoleTRICKS NOVICE is open to experienced beginners/intermediate and will teach you more spins and spin combos, climbing and upright poses and invert (going upside down) drills into ivert skills.  Individuals will be assigned tricks that are appropriate to their ability.  PoleTRICKS teaches you tricks and transitions at an intermediate/advanced level and will progress you through a variety of spins, climbs and invert combinations according to your skill level. The instructor will work with each individual to improve their technique and break down each move. You will also learn to link moves together to build sexy routines. The instructor may include fitness based pole exercise drills to improve strength, endurance, core and flexibility to help you get in better overall shape and improve your pole dancing skills. (NOTE:  Drop-ins available for $30 if space is available. See CLASS SCHEDULE for package pricing.

What is the age requirement to enroll in your classes?
You must be at least 18 years of age or older to participate in any of our classes or parties. 
WE CHECK exceptions!  MINORS:  Age 15-17 may attend Pole (FIT & FLY) Classes with Parent/Legal Guardian Consent form signed.
(Policy: Guardian must be PRESENT to sign and must show their I.D. and minors Birth Certificate/proof of guardianship...NO EXCEPTIONS).  Minors age 13 - 17 may attend non-pole FIT & FLY classes with consent form signed.  Same Policy apply.

Are men allowed in Pole Dancing Classes?
Men have been participating in the pole fitness community more and more so we welcome serious male fitness participants because pole dancing is a great way to build strength, power, endurance, & coordination which can be helpful for many athletic participants.  Men are welcome in any of of our FIT & FLY classes at any time (Exception: T.M.I.FIT and TwerkFIT are Ladies ONLY).  Men who are starting the Pole Fitness regimen usualy start with PoleFIT Essentials then move to PoleTRICKS NOVICE and PoleTRICKS if their main focus is TRICKS rather then dance.  We also offer Private lessons and group privates. 

What should I wear to Pole classes?
No body oils, lotions or jewelry PLEASE. Wear workout clothes & supportive undergarments because you will be active.
FIT CLASSES:  Tanks tops or t-shirt, yoga pants or stretchpants/capris are recommended for most of our FIT classes and you wll be barefoot (Exception:  High Heels Optional in T.M.I.FIT and PoleTRICKS, tennis shoes in BoxFIT & Boot Camp). 
Tanks tops, t-shirt, or even long sleep fitted top, yoga pants or stretchpants/capris or even leotards are recommended for Aerial classes and you wll be barefoot
PoleTRICKS CLASSES:  PoleTRICKS NOVICE & PoleTRICKS require you to wear shorts for skin contact on the pole so you can best execute your tricks...any short you are comfortable in.  Wear leg warmers if you get cold. You can also wear a tank top/tshirt or sports bra in class.  PLEASE wear proper under garments so you don't give a bigger show then intended.  No thongs or bathing suits allowed in class.  Heels should have straps around the ankle and rubber soles & heel tip.

Can I see your facility or watch a class before I register for a class, party or decide to do private training?
To protect the privacy of our students we do not allow any spectators or interruptions during classes, private parties, etc...NO EXCEPTIONS.  We offer Drop-in rates so you can take ONE class if you want to see if you will like it.  You are welcome to stop by the studio in between classes to "SEE" the studio (Call for times).  We prefer that you PLEASE call or email to set up an appointment/tour that will allow us to give you the proper attention you deserve. Pictures and videos are also available in our website gallery.

How do I register for classes?
Click on ENROLL NOW tab in the left column of our website.  You must create an account through our online Mind/Bosy scheduling system as this will keep track of your purchases, packages and attendance.   You may register or remove yourself from class at your convenience any time up until 12 hours of the class.  If it;'s less then 12hours from the class you will need to text  586-801-9595 to reserve your spot call the studio.  Space is limited in classes so please reserve your spot in a timely manner.  NOTE:  We have a 12hr Cancellation Policy. 
Cancelling less then 12 hours of class will result in forfeiting that class.

How do I book a Pole/Aerial Performer for my event?

Please contact us at 248-246-2222  or for details.  We do have tension mount poles and stage poles for any location

What are your PRICES?
Please see our CLASS SCHEDULE Tab for details on Class pricing. See the WHAT WE OFFER >PARTIES Disco Ball for Party Pricing.

What is your cancellation policy?
CLASSES:  We have a 12 hr. Cancellation Policy.  If you cancel less then 12 hours of the class you will forfeit that class...NO EXCEPTIONS so PLEASE DO NOT ASK.  We strive to keep class sizes small so you get the best attention so this policy is enforced. 
PARTIES:  All deposits and payments are non-refundable. If you must cancel your party at any time you will loose your $100 deposit no matter what the reason since we were unable to book the studio during that time.  You can resechedule you party up to 8 days of the party and if you reschedule less then 8 days there is a $30 fee.  You will be charged in full if you cancel less then 4 hours of the party.

How many people are in a class or allowed at a party?
This depends on the class type or event. PoleTRICKS, AerialYOGA, T.M.I.FIT & PoleFIT classes allow only 1 person per pole/hammock so that everyone gets a continuous workout. PoleFIT Essentials, VbarreFIT and MASTER Workshops classes may have 2 per pole.  When you go to regsiter you will see the max capacity for each class.. 

How many poles are in your studio?
We have 11 poles in Madison Hts. and 10 poles in Utica.  We have a mix of 45mm, 40mm poles and while our poles are usually on static we have the option to make them spin for the appropiate class (usually PoleTRICKS or PoleTRICKS SPIN). 

What time does class begin?
Please see our "Class Schedule" tab for dates and times. If you do not see something that works for you email us with your preferences because we are always adding more. All students should arrive at least 10 minutes before class if they need to make a payment and complete registration. Try not to miss the warm-up as it is important to prevent injury... warm-up on your own if you come in late.

Does your location have parking?
Yes. We have a parking lot right in front of our studio in Madison Hts and lots of extra parking in the St. Vincent side parking lot for overflow. You are responsible for your own property.   and Free street parking and public lots in Utica. 

What other things do you offer?
Our main focus is Pole & Aerial Fitness classes.  We also offer additional fitness classes such a Boot Camps, BoxFIT, VbarreFIT, Belly Dancing and more!   We offer Personal Training (Pole, Aerial, Pilates Equipment, & Weight Loss) and Airbrush Tanning.

What is the weight limit for the poles?
200-300lbs. However our classes are designed for beginners and do not require using all of your body weight. Our studio have top of the line commercial strudio poles that are designed to take on extra wear and tear.  Our instructors will not force you to do anything out of your comfort zone and we can always substitute moves based on your fitness level.

Is there any nudity?
NO! We may use boas and extra layers of clothing to simulate a tease but this is a FITNESS STUDIO so we are here to workout and have FUN in a safe, friendly, and non-judgemental environment. You can wear whatever you like if it makes you feel sexy but NO NUDITY...NO EXCEPTIONS!  Undergarments are required.

Do you offer private lessons for Pole Dancing and Pilates?
Yes. We have several Pole Dancing and Pilates Instructors who can teach private lessons. We also offer duets, trios and quad lessons which allow you more personalized attention and scheduling within times/days that work best for you. Please contact us to schedule your time. Private Pole Dance lessons will consist of learning and perfecting pole tricks and transitions along with a strength training and flexibility program to increase your skills. Our classes are not designed for experienced professional exotic dancers. However exotic dancers are welcome to learn new moves, transitions or to perfect their routines.

I am an exotic dancer for an adult venue, can your classes help me?
YES. We welcome professional dancers.  We have class options for Beginners alll the way to advanced.  Our program is structured for fitness, fun, and skill building. If that sounds like something you want then please join us. If you want help learning specific pole tricks and or techniques then you should attend PoleTRICKS NOVICE, PoleTRICKS or take Private Lessons with us.

How should I prepare for my airbrush tan?
Exfoliate your skin (Sugar Scrub is recommended) the day before your appointment. Do not wear any lotions or makeup to your appointment. Wear loose dark clothes and shoes and have something to pull your hair off your face and neck. You may get tanned wearing top and bottom (i.e. Bra and underwear or bathing suit), you may also tan topless or nude. Since this is a spa service tips are appreciated but not required.

Do you have any instructor openings?
YES...We are always looking for great talent whether it be instructors or girls for our performance team...Intermediate/ Advanced level Pole Dance instructors, Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructors, and Certified Pilates Instructors for Reformer, Cadillac, etc. We also offer a Teacher Training throuighout the for details.  Please email your resume to and you may be contacted for a live audition.