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Owner - Melanie Pagel is Metro Parent of the month, featured in the MAY 2011 issue.

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PoleFIT Revolution has had the honor of hosting amazing talent to teach all our local pole enthusiasts!

Rafaela Montanaro
http://RafaelaMontanaro.com.br/ will be teaching her
Intermediate & Advanced Signature Tricks Workshop at PoleFIT Revolution at 2-3:30pm on Sunday, June 2nd, 2013.

She will work will all Intermediate and Advanced Levels within the workshop teaching tricks to suit both levels. Intermediates should be able to Climb, Aerial Invert and do a variety of inverts on the pole. Advanced would be able to do the same plus shoulder mount and handspring. NOTE: Don't feel you need to be at advanced level to attend...I've been assured Rafaela will have a variety of tricks for both levels.

Cost is $65 for the workshop and you can pay CASH at the studio or I will be adding a link to the home page of http://PoleFITRevolution.com/ with a $3 service charge added to pay online.

Here is her bio, translated from Brazilian Portuguese:

2012 & 2009 – Bi-Champion - Miss Pole Dance South America – Argentina
2012 & 2010 – Pole Fit Bi-Champion at IPC – Hong Kong and Tokyo
2012 – 5th place & finalist at Pole Art – Sweden
2011 – 2nd place at Pole World Cup – Brazil
2011 – National Champion at Pole World Cup – Brazil
2010 – 3rd Place – Miss Pole Dance World - Swiss
2010 – Best Pole Tricks – Miss Pole Dance World

Rafaela Montanaro, current bi-champion of Pole Dance Category FIT, is known worldwide for their incredible performances that balance strength, flexibility and diversity, portraying different characters and different dance rhythms from classic to rock and roll. It is the largest Brazilian and international recognition. She has taught and performed in many countries, always being hired for events and tours of classes.

Rafaela conducts performances of Pole Dance Stops Hands, Dance and Dance Shows Air.

At sixteen, after attending a Cirque Du Soleil, she decided to start with the circus career and was approved at the renowned École Nationale des Arts du Cirque in Rosny-sous-bois, France. She attended during the year and a half, and because of family problems, she had to end on the fourth year of the course.

When she returned to Brazil, Rafaela missed the theoretical foundations to evolve and specialize as an athlete and teacher, so decided to study Physical Education at the university. In the same period practiced Wushu Kung-fu, being a member of the Brazilian national team in 2006.

She began her career as a Pole Dancer in May 2009, conquering titles Brazilian Champion and South America with only 5 months of training. Undoubtedly, Pole Dance was love at first sight. The following year Rafaela started her career as a teacher of the sport and increased her daily workouts, winning three titles in major championships worldwide category, won the prize "Pole Tricks" - awarded to the best athlete who performs stunts - and also the Third at Miss Pole Dance World 2010 in Switzerland, was also champion in the category FIT International Pole Championship 2010 in Tokyo.
During 2011, Rafaela won the titles of National Champion in the category of World Cup Pole and Vice Champion in the international category. After a period away by injury, she returned to training and won the title of champion in the category bi-FIT International Pole Championship 2012 in Hong Kong, and Bi-South American Championship in Argentina.

Rafaela believes that winning is possible for everyone, provided there is commitment to the activity, focus and determination.
Karol Helms & FlyGym

Karol Helms visited us once again in March 2013 but this time she had some new tricks and equipment with the FLY GYM.  PoleFIT Revolution hosted the FlyGYM Pilates & Yoga Workshop along with the FlyGYM Pole Workshop during the 2nd Annual Metro Detroit Pole & Aerial Festival.



Pantera Pantera Blacksmith

1st Place at National Pole Antics- Las Vegas, NV 1st Place Best Pole Tricks Award at the Miss Pole Dance World Sport and Fitness competition - Jamaica." PANTERA was exclusively at PoleFIT Revolution in OCTOBER 2010 (10/10/10) to teaching Master Classes

Wendy Traskos Karol Helms

- USPDF Miss Sexy 2010
- USPDF East Coast Champ 2009
- Miss Poleapalooza Charlotte 2008 & 2009
- Brand Director of PoleFit the clothing line by “Bad Kitty” Exotic Wear.

KAROL was exclusively at PoleFIT Revolution in July 2010 to teaching her sexy style and innovative tricks.

Wendy Traskos Wendy Traskos
New York Pole Dance - owner
- Cofounder of USPDF
- AFAA & IFPA Certified Personal Trainer
- 1st & 2nd place winner fitness competitor in the ESPN Fitness America Series, ESPN Nationals & the NPC Eastern Championship

WENDY was exclusively at PoleFIT Revolution in August 2009 teaching creative routines and athletic style in her specialty workshops.  She also visited in March 2012 when she was in town for the Michigan Pole & Aerial Festival and returned August 2012...PFR is her Michigan Pole Home!

THANK YOU Wendy Traskos!
Your Pole Workshops are always amazing!

We can't wait to have you back again!
CLICK HERE to see a Wendy Performance

Wendy packed the studio again at PFR for 2 AMAZING workshops August 1st, 2012!
CLICK HERE to see Wendy Perform for us


USPDF East Coast Regional Competitor
2nd Place Midwest Pole Competition - Elite Division

“CHARLEY” Crystal Harris, finalist in the US Pole Dance Federation East Coast Regional Competition in VA October 2010 taught her Specialty Workshops at PoleFIT Revolution in SEPT 2010 teaching her sultry style and great techniques for challenging tricks.